vendredi, décembre 15, 2006


Voici quelques pots de mélange à biscuits qu'Alex et moi avons fait pour Noël! C'était long, mais c'est l'fun à faire.
Krisiti, I just said that Alex and I made these for christmas and that it took a long time:) Sorry for all the french.

En tout cas, en ce temps de l'année assez fou, c'est facile d'être stressé par tout ce que l'on veut faire. Mais je pense que c'est important de prendre ça relaxe comme dirait mon mari. Alors les filles qui sont stressées (y compris moi), prenez ça relaxe :):):)

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sarah sawatsky a dit...

O.K Martha, stop showing off :), they look great, yummy and no calories... Only couple more dodos and I see you .... Gros bizou, sur la fesse gauche xoxo

Anonyme a dit...

Allo Martha
Je vais tenté de faire des bâtons magiques pour te concurencer!

C'est très beau tes desserts. Encore 5 dodos avant le big party.
J'en peu pu!!!!!!!!!! Je finis demain midi.

Kristi a dit...

Wow...I'm impressed!! What a great idea...I love home-made gifts...and that's so nice!!! You guys are awesome!! And, you're nice for writing in English just for me!! Thanks!! Love ya, Marie!!

Kristi a dit...

Jason and I were thinking it would be a good idea for you and Alex and Mel and Phil to come here for New Years!!!!....wouldn't that be FUN?!?!

Wishful thinking, I know -- really would be so fun!!

Love you guys!

Anonyme a dit...

Allo Marie,

I don't know if you remember me from NBBI - je m'appelle Cheryl Johnson. I only did the one year program there, but I am from Montreal and we were in SEM together! I found your blog through Kristi's blog, and it was weird because I was just thinking of you and Alex the other day. I live in Vancouver now, and work for a youth mission organization that runs local mission trips for youth groups all over North America. It's a lot of fun. I travel all over Canada. Before that, I lived in Japan for a year. It was bien cool! I'd love to hear from you. you can email me at Hope to hear from you soon! Hi to Alex!

Anonyme a dit...

Hi Marie

It's me the english girl. Just saw your pictures on the blog - what a cute baby!! Joel and i have 2 kids now Daniel (7 months) and Alisha (3 years) you can see pictures on my blog site

Anyway just thought i would say hi and have a really happy christmas and new year. Bina

Anonyme a dit...

Those do look great! you should put the recipe on your blog!
Hope you had a great time with your family!
see you soon