lundi, février 11, 2008

Voyez-vous une ressemblance?

On ne dirait pas deux frères... mais oui ils ont tous les deux les mêmes parents:)

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Kristi a dit...

Oh, Marie...your boys are SWEET!! (I caught a few words, but...anyways...its the pictures I am commenting on!!) - they really are beautiful little must be so proud!!! Hope you are doing well - we'll have to chat again soon...I'm getting closer to my due date, and more and more excited to meet this little one!!! I'm about 31 - the end of my pregnancy is drawing near...and MEETING this baby is getting closer -- I'm so excited!!! Hope you are having a good week, and getting some good quality time in with your hubby...wish we could see you guys!!! Its been toooo long!! I love ya still, though, my little French friend...have a wonderful day!

Jessica a dit...

Marie just wanted to let you know that I love the pics on your blog. I catch a few words here and there, but your boys are so cute.

The Booker Blog a dit...

Man! I knew I should have paid more attention in French class. I don't understand a blasted word, but your kids sure are yummy! Hey, old friend! - Amy