mardi, novembre 14, 2006

Bonne Fête Sarah

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Angie a dit...

You are so sweet. I actually just posted on Sarah's blog about the pictures she had put up of Maggy and Emma, and said that I'm sure that one day they'll have a great relationship like the two of you...and then I come to your blog and see your amazing slideshow. Wow...I bet she's gonna cry.

sarah sawatsky a dit...

t'es ben fine :) Bartley n'avais pas vue beaucoup des photos J'aime specialement celle de Montreal, beeeeeeelllllllle shor hein !!! "these hips don't lie" je t'aime gros becs et je vais me retenir pour ne pas te telephoner et deranger aujourd'hui xoxo

Jessica a dit...

Love that Slide show! Must bring back all the fun childhood memories!
I won't leave you alone all week no worries-
Ooffffff to the rescue!!!!!
(Wednesday though)