lundi, novembre 20, 2006

Mon petit loup!

Ce matin je suis allée dehors avec Isaac. Il faisait froid, mais il était vraiment content de jouer dehors. En ce moment il est 2h30 et il crie dans son lit:( Il ne veut pas dormir. Je me dis que c'est pas grave, y'a des journées comme ça.
Bonne journée!

5 commentaires:

sarah sawatsky a dit...

Yum, Yum, Yum, son manteau est vraiment beau hein! Passe une belle soirée et profitte de ta camera digital envoie moi une photo de ta tuile :)

Anonyme a dit...

C'est pas possible beau comme ça! On veut lui croquer les joues!
Passe une bonne semaine.

Kristi a dit...

Hey, Marie...Wishing I had of payed more attention in my French classes!!! ha ha!! Anyways, just wanted to say Hi...we were talking about you guys lastnight, and saying how fun it would be to visit you or go on a trip with you guys...WE LOVE YOU!!!! We'll have to chat again soon...just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today...your little boy is so cute!!!

Angie a dit...

Wow Marie...he is so gorgeous! You must kiss him all of the time...he's so yummy! Are you getting excited to see everyone at Christmas? It would be great to see you guys when you come, but we'll see. My family is here until around the 28th, and I'm sure you guys will be busy, but even just a short visit would be nice. Anyways, the Office is coming on and I'm gonna go and cuddle with my hubby, so I'll talk to you soon!

Kristi a dit...

Salut, mon amie...Comment ca va?! Moi - bien...J'ai lundi...ugh!

Anyways...that's about as French as I get...I just wanted to say Hi again...are you getting all ready for Christmas?! We decorated the other day - its so Christmasy!!! I love Christmas...I just wish it would snow...I always love snow until about January!!...anyways...I miss you - hope you're doing well...we miss you guys!! Hope to talk with you soon!!