mardi, novembre 28, 2006

Hey Angie and Kristi,
I decided to write in English today so that you could understand:) We haven't decorated yet, but we probably will this weekend. We have been really busy in the past few weeks, so it will be nice to have a Saturday together (actually half of a Saturday:)
Isaac has been walking now for 2 weeks. He's really cute! He talks a lot, he repeats everything. Last week did not go very well with him because he was teething. It was quite aweful; but now everything is back to normal and I'm enjoying this nice time with him. I'm really looking foward to go to Milton for Christmas. It will be weird not to go to my parent's house like we usually do but the family will be there:)
I'll go visit you Angie...and your new baby. Anyways I'm babysitting today, so I should get going. I miss you both. I thought I should put a picture of us just to remember the good old days:) Seriously I can take it off if you want....Love you! Bye.

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sarah sawatsky a dit...

Girls I'm jealous, the hair, the nice golden skin , the outfits, what can I say you sure could give Paris Hilton a lesson in HIGHT NBBI fashion. Way to go you look amazing now . I think it's time to get back at Marie and start digging through all of your photo albums let's see who does best , the challenge is on... Her loving adorable, older, more mature, gorgeous, and humble sister xoxo

Kristi a dit...

Thanks, Marie, for the enligh post...nice to hear about your life...too bad there wasn't a way I could translate your blogs!! Nice pic -- I agree with Sarah, we could give some tips to Paris Hilton for sure!! Funny how young we look, eh?! And why on earth did I always wear T-shirts with cartoons on them?! Yikes! Anyways...I love ya --

Angie a dit...

Marie, after seeing this picture, I am reminded that I was indeed correct to have had such bad self-esteem issues in high school and NBBI. Thanks for the reminder.

Just jokin! Hope to see you when you guys come. Have a great week!